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why've you got both a pussy pump and a tenga egg on your amazon wish list?


lol what

because i want the pump

and the egg was actually a thing for my EX boyfriend. we were joking around and I was supposed to get one for him, never did & forgot about it.

You may nit feel this way... but you are more than what you think.. Your face is heavenly, your eyes are dreamy.. and that smile could melt any heart.. And then you do awesome stuff like put together these blogs.. You deserve to have your heart melted, captured in someone's story... and orgasm to when you can't walk... But that's just me... I don't know if you'd go for that


only anons on tumblr feel this way. let me know if we meet face to face I might believe it then.

thank you though xoxoxo

im fat and ugly and disgusting and no one will ever love me

all im good for is being fucked without a goddamn condom

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do you mind your pics being on sex blogs?


i guess not as long as credit is given where credit is due. IE; reblog and dont delete the source. Or, post it yourself and link one of my blogs 



you won’t be going anywhere


you won’t be going anywhere