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Nymphomaniac ending


lars von trier is an asshole

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about)

Barring the joke ending,

which seems like it’s him giving you the finger after being open enough to sit through some pretty uncomfortable stuff for 4 hours,

it’s a good film lol

I think the ending was perfect to be honest; I keep seeing people really hating it. But I think it really just hits you in the face with reality. Life is not sweet like you want it to be. The little ray of sun that comes through in the alley way is all you get sometimes. I don’t agree with her actions to kill; but I do agree with him coming in as he did, “you said you’ve fucked thousands of men” or however he said it. That hit me so fucking hard; how many times have I opened up to someone (specifically a male) & all he seems to take away is the sexuality of it; I can lay down a bomb and say “I dont like sex because I was raped” & they will continue to try to ‘cuddle’ with me & touch me. To me, this was the same thing. He brought up amazing points about gender roles, but in the end; he was no better. Humans, real people don’t change by telling one story. I believe that he was truly a decent guy, but wrapping the film up like that was Trier’s way of saying “Yes fuck you, but this is reality.”. Joe is an object to people. Nothing but an object. Good for her for saying no & attempting to reclaim herself even if it isn’t happy. This isnt a happy movie, it never was, not from the beginning and definitely not to the end. A film like this would be disgusting if it were wrapped up with her just going to sleep with a new friend, i’d feel ripped off, and ‘flipped off’ by Trier if it did end like that. I think Trier handled it well.

cant even talk..like..this movie…

Nymphomaniac (I & II) ….holy shit…..von Trier did it again. I can’t..I am speechless. This is a two part film, both parts about 2 or so hours. They are both on netflix, and a must watch;; von Trier really created a masterpiece this time around. This work was created to finish his depression trilogy, following Antichrist. If you are familiar with his works, you will know that nothing is sugar coated. I beg you to please watch this, both volumes. But know that this film is incredibly graphic in nature and it will eat you alive. This movie spoke so loudly to me, & it ended..so so beautifully & truthfully. It actually portrayed honest insight into the real world & managed to come off as romantic, if not extremely masochistic & ‘depressing’. This film is horrifying — I had my doubts about it at first but it becomes something you cannot look away from. This film, I feel, could be watched (if you are strong enough) multiple times could invoke incredibly different reactions each way around. This film is dynamic. This is a master piece. A cinema masterpiece. Nymphomaniacs is NR, & I don’t suggest watching it if you are distracted. This is film to actually watch (please!). Make sure mom, dad & kidd-o’s aren’t around as well because it IS GRAPHIC. (But in the same sense..not?) Oh gosh. I’m rambling because this film has just..wow. I cannot gather my thoughts appropriately to explain what this film did to me. Both volumes are on netflix, please; check them out; especially if you are already a Trier fan. I recommend watching both in one go as to not lose the power.Okay. goodnight.

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